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5 Reasons to Use Custom Fabrication Services

Custom fabrication is an important part of modern manufacturing. Whether you are working on large technical projects or small-scale designs, having a dedicated and experienced fabricator is vital. Whatever your project might be, here are five reasons why you should use custom fabrication services in Telford.

1. Made to Your Specification

One of the first reasons to use custom fabrication services is that the specifications can be adapted to meet the requirements of the project. You want to make sure that the parts are the correct size the first time round which is why working with an experienced fabrication company is well worth the investment.

2. High-Quality Materials

Well-established sheet metal fabricators only use high-quality materials that are easy to work with and that will stand the test of time. Metal fabrication can also be finished with a powder or paint to give it a unique and professional look, as well as being easier to maintain.

3. Durability

When you purchase a fabricated product, you want to make sure that it withstands the elements and doesn’t corrode or wear down easily. Working with a professional and experienced fabricator means that there are not going to be any problems with the product later down the line.

4. Latest technology

Fabrication technology has developed over the years and in doing so has provided sheet metal fabricators with a greater level of control.

For example, at Fab-Tech Telford we have added automated sheet feeders to our main conversion machining centres to allow for unmanned working. Skilled operators manage the machines and pre-load them to operate lights out to provide fast response and low-cost parts.

5. Quality Finished Product

Fabricators are highly skilled professionals who have a keen eye for attention to detail. This means that when you work with steel fabricators in Telford who’ll always be sure of a quality finished product that is far superior to store-bought, mass-produced metalwork.

Looking for fabrication services in Telford?

We have years of experience in custom fabrication, welding, and CAM programming and can work to your project requirements, no matter how large, small or complex. If you would like to know more about our fabrication services and how we can help you, why not get in touch with one of the Fab-Tech team here. Alternatively, you can call us direct on 01952 899144 or email