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Our Services – CAM Programming

Customer CAD files are processed through our CAM system to create cutting and bending programs delivered though a network to the machining centres.

Our CAM software can import .dwg, .dxf and. iges CAD files, flatten them and optimize cutting paths. The software can also add bend lines and sequences.

The software speeds up the process of estimating new jobs and programming them ready for production.
Programmes are stored centrally and called off via the QR code on the works order.

This prevents old programmes from being retained locally on machines and removes the risk of incorrect issue parts being produced. All programmes are backed up to cloud-based storage for security.

Commitment to quality

We have a long track record in quality manufacturing and have worked with a diverse range of clients across different sectors – now we want to work with you!

If you would like to know more about CAM Programming and how we can help you and your business, then get in touch with one of the team on 01952 899144 – alternatively fill in the online contact form and one of the team will get back to you.

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