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Why is sheet metal punching the best option for you?

Sheet metal punching is one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to sheet metal fabrication…
Punching is popular for several reasons, the most important being cost effectiveness and production volume. It is well suited to the speedy production of holes in medium to high volume production using sheet metal at relatively low costs.
At Fab-Tech Telford we offer a flexible and efficient sheet metal punching service that can be adapted to your project requirements and specifications.

Industry-leading technology: Our Trumpf high-speed punch compliments our laser cutting for high volume parts in light gauge materials.
Punch programmes are optimised through our CAM Programming system to ensure production speeds are optimised whilst reducing waste.
We have paired our punch with an automated sheet loader to allow us to run at maximum efficiency and low-cost production.

We offer Exceptional customer service…
At Fab-Tech Telford we are proud of our continued commitment to delivering fast and efficient customer service and quality workmanship.
As a result, all our experienced staff, constantly monitor the quality of our fabrication projects to ensure that they are produced exactly to our customer’s specifications and requirements
If you would like to know more about punching and how you can use this method of sheet metal fabrication for your business, then do not hessite to call one of the team on 01952 899144 or fill in the online enquiry form.