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Laser Cutting, Punching and Folding Metal – Simplify your production processes with our complete service

Production processes can become complicated when you have to use separate suppliers for your laser cutting, punching, and folding metal services. Fab-Tech can help you reduce your workload by offering a complete package of all services available in one place. Not only does this reduce the time spent working with separate suppliers but it provides a cohesive service from start to finish. We’re ISO9001 certified to ensure rigorous quality control procedures and provide you with further peace of mind.

Laser cutting

We use an AMADA Ventis fibre optic laser cutting machine which holds up to 27 tonnes of steel and allows us to process in up to 9 gauges. Our state-of-the-art system can cut sheet materials up to 4x2m and up to 25mm in thickness for a high quality, precise job every time.


Our Trumpf high-speed punching utilizes CAM programming to reduce waste and optimize production. We have an integrated sheet feeder and automatic tool changes to produce maximum output in minimum time.

Folding metal

Fab-Tech offers custom metal folding using the latest technology to bend your metal into the necessary shape for you. We’ll assess the metal being used, requirements, dimensions, and more to ensure a high-quality service every time.

Reduce delays in production

By using one manufacturer for your laser cutting, punching and folding metal services, you reduce the risk of delays from cancellations and delays caused by different suppliers. When you use one company, any delays can be planned into production and accounted for when completing each stage.

Minimise your admin

When you have separate accounts with multiple suppliers, you can triple your admin load by having to contact and pay separate businesses for their work. Fab-tech offers all three services in one package so you have one point of contact, one complete bill, and less time spent away from your customers to work with us. We’ll take the stress out of your hands and make the process as smooth as possible.

Maintain a consistent level of quality

With the latest technology and experienced technicians, Fab-Tech guarantees a high level of quality at competitive prices and by using the same company throughout the production journey, you can guarantee the same level of quality at each individual stage. All products are checked extensively to ensure they meet our high standards for our work.

Get the best advice for the overall project

Our friendly team of staff can provide you with their expertise on all aspects of the production process, allowing you to see the whole project and any potential issues or advice as opposed to separate and potentially opposing advice when using different companies. Our advice can also be updated as the project is ongoing to adapt to any potential issue as quickly as possible.

Finding someone you can trust for your production services can be difficult and it can be difficult to find one company that can do it all. We can help. Fab-tech offers our laser cutting, punching, and folding metal services as a complete package so you can be looked after from start to finish and have the best experience possible.