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5 Benefits of CAM Programming?

CAM programming is commonly used within the manufacturing industry across a wide range of sectors including automotive, farming, and aerospace. The advantages of using the software are huge and, in this article, we look at 5 benefits of CAM programming.

1. Increased productivity

One of the biggest benefits of CAM programming is that it can increase productivity which in turn will help with increased orders and potential profit for your business. CAM programming stops the need for having to manually calculate toolpaths for fabrication.

2. Accuracy

CAM programming has a very high level of accuracy as these applications have control over the production process. At Fab-Tech Telford our software can import .dwg, .dxf, and. iges CAD files, flatten them and optimize cutting paths.

The software can also add bend lines and sequences. The software speeds up the process of estimating new jobs and programming them ready for production.

3. Time-saving

Using CAM programming helps save time at every stage of the production which means we can produce prototypes and finished products much more quickly for our clients.

4. Quick changes

Being able to change the program quickly is just not something that happens often with a new revision. CAM software can update the toolpaths with any changed features and make you focus on anything that may be new.

5. Reduces mistakes

The more human input into anything the more potential for error. When it comes to writing the G code line by line the number of potential mistakes is very high.

Just fat fingering a single number could ruin the entire part. There is no way to verify the code before running it on the machine. CAM packages do not have the fat finger issues and include functionality like toolpath simulation which will verify that the toolpath is correct.

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