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5 advantages of laser cutting

Manufacturing uses a lot of different cutting techniques in order to put together and preassemble materials. One method is laser cutting, and in this article, we look at 5 advantages of this process.

1. Materials

One of the main advantages is that it can be used on a wide range of materials including aluminium, copper, and steel. As the high-powered laser heats up it cuts through the material with ease no matter what the thickness or strength of the material is.

2. Smooth Edges

Manually cutting materials using shears can sometimes leave rough edges, this is not the case with laser cutting as it melts the material during the cutting process which leaves smooth edges. The  machines are equipped with CAM programming which determines how and where the interface is integrated into the material.

3. Precision

It’s incredibly precise which is why it is used by many manufacturing companies. At Fab-Tech our AMADA Ventis fibre optic laser cutting machine uses the latest technology in shaped, oscillating beams to deliver fast and accurate cutting alongside lower power consumption.

4. Automated Process

Another huge benefit of laser cutting is that the process can be fully automated and can be used in conjunction with CAM programming. This allows the designers to create and send their designs straight to the laser cutting machine. It can then be left to do its job, even throughout the night.

5. Time Efficient

Laser cutting is a fast and efficient process for manufacturing companies that it enables them to operate at high speed and meet tight deadlines for their customers. It is also a much more energy-efficient process than other cutting methods.

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